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Most Wireless Society of Southern Maine meetings include a rountable dicussion period about the "topic of the night." These can range from  planning a field operation to ham radio basics such as antenna modelling, dx'ing, operating QRP, digital modes, or even kit building. As this page gets updated, you'll be able to keep up to date with the latest topics, and some of the useful info that rises out of our research, activities, and presentations. Explore the Topics & Links Archive for a history of meeting topics, events, and ham radio related resources.


August 18-19th
The WS1SM team will operate from Spring Point Lighthouse for the 2018 International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend (ILLW), which takes place August 18-19th. ILLW, which first took place in 1998, has grown to become the largest lighthouse activity weekend, with over 500 lighthouses in 40 different countries being activated last year. For more information about ILLW, click here
Spring Point

June 23-24th
The WS1SM team will participate in their 8th ARRL Field Day at Wassamki Springs Campground, on the weekend of June 23-24. Since 1933, Field Day has been a friendly competition that encourages hams to operate "in the field," as a way to practice and demonstrate their ability to provide effective communications without the need of commercial power or well-equipped home stations.

May 26-27th
Amateur Radio will be a part of Falmouth's 300th Anniversary Celebration, with a Special Event station operating from Falmouth Fest. Joe Blinick K1JB and Rick Fickett K1OT will be setting up the station and invite club members to participate during the event, and to operate using the special event call sign K1F during the 2 week period that it will be available. For more information, please contact Joe at:

Falmouth 300 Festival

May 3rd
SKYWARN® Spotter Training - 7PM-9PM at the Cumberland County EMA Bunker

To ensure a network of knowledgeable volunteers and accurate reporting, those who are interested in becoming spotters are asked to attend a training session provided by the National Weather Service. SKYWARN®  training is offered free of charge. The Cumberland County EMA Bunker is located at 22 High Street, in Windham, ME

SKYWARN® volunteers help keep their local communities safe by providing timely and accurate reports of severe weather to the National Weather Service.  


January 27-28th
The WS1SM team will participate in their first Winter Field Day at the Cumberland County EMA, on the weekend of January 27-28. The purpose of Winter Field Day is to foster Ham camaraderie, field operation, emergency operating preparedness, and just plain on the air, outdoor fun in the midst of winter!

The public is welcome to attend, and those interested in participating may inquire at any upcoming meeting between now and January 27th.
Winter Field Day

September Topic: Annual Business Meeting

Join us Thursday, September 13th, from 7pm-9pm, at the Cumberland County EMA Bunker, as we'll have our Annual Business Meeting. Among the topics to be discussed will be updates/discussion on the repeater and Packet installations, the upcoming Simulated Emergency Test (SET), and more.

There will also be officer elections: The present slate contains one name for each position, though nominations will be accepted from the floor. President: Rory KB1PLY, Vice President: CJ W1CJC, Secretary: Pete W KC1DFO, and Treasurer: Pete H KC1HBM.

August's Topic: Planning for ILLW & Shelter Exercise

Join us Thursday, August 9th, from 7pm-9pm, at the Cumberland County EMA Bunker, as we'll be discussing our plans for operating during International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend (ILLW) from Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse, as well as our participation in a Red Cross / CCEMA Shelter Exercise at Westbrook High School.

July's Topic: Field Day Review

Join us Thursday, July 12th, from 7pm-9pm, at the Cumberland County EMA Bunker, as Frank KR1ZAN will lead a review of our 2018 Field Day efforts. We operated 24 hours as 3A, on battery power, from Wassamki Springs Campground, on the weekend of June 23-24.

June's Topic: Field Day Preparation

Join us Thursday, June 14th, from 7pm-9pm, for our first meeting of the year at Wassamki Springs Campground! The topic for the evening will be Field Day preparation, as we'll take a look at logistics, purchases, and how to best maximize bonus points. If the weather cooperates, we'll also survey the Field Day site for the best antenna locations. Come prepared with your suggestions and ideas about the event. 

May's Topic: FLDigi

Join us Thursday, May 10th, from 7pm-9pm, at the CCEMA Bunker, located at 22 High Street, in Windham, as we'll be discussing the software program FLDIGI, which can be used with a sound card interface to operate many popular digital modes, including Feld-Hell, MFSK16, PSK31, RTTY, and more. Please bring any questions you may have about specific modes... what they sound like, where to find them on the bands, etc.

April's Topic: Maine 2 Meter FM Simplex Challenge Strategies

Join us Thursday, April 12th, from 7pm-9pm, at the CCEMA Bunker, located at 22 High Street, in Windham, as we'll take a look at the upcoming Maine 2 Meter FM Simplex Challenge contest, which takes place April 15th.  Because club members' logs count toward the club competition, we'll also discuss how we can work together to maximize multipliers and points.

March's Topic: Event Planning

Join us Thursday, March 15th, from 7pm-9pm, at the CCEMA Bunker, located at 22 High Street, in Windham, as we'll be discussing event planning for the next few months, including on-air activities, meeting topics, and EmComm workshops.

February's Topic: Winter Field Day Review

Join us Thursday, February 8th, from 7pm-9pm, at the CCEMA Bunker, located at 22 High Street, in Windham, as we'll be doing a review of Winter Field Day, and discussing some of the things we learned in the 24-hour contest, that we can apply to both EmComm events and future field activities. 

January's Topic: Winter Field Day Prep

Join us Thursday, January 11th, from 7pm-9pm, at the CCEMA Bunker, located at 22 High Street, in Windham, as we'll be discussing plans for our participation in the upcoming Winter Field Day, including logistics, availability of operators, equipment, food, and more! 2018 Winter Field Day takes place the weekend of January 27-28.


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