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Congratulations to our 2020 Maine QSO Party Winners!
This year's Overall Winner is:

Axel Bruderer, KI6RRN, of La Mesa, CA. Axel scored a total of 417,679 points, making 1920 QSO's! 2020 was a record year for entries. We received 197 logs from 7 different countries, 41 U.S. States, 2 Canadian Provinces, and 7 Maine Counties. Thanks to everyone who participated!

The most popular categories were the Single Operator Low Power (SOLP) class, with 125 entries, followed by Single Operator High Power (SOHP), with 55 entries.

This year's Category winners:

Michael Snook W7LG, from Lewiston, PA, captured the Single Operator QRP (SOQRP) category with 2,508 points. 2019 Overall Winner, Stefania Watson K1GJY won the Single Operator Low Power (SOLP) category with 60,241 points. This year's overall winner, Axel Bruderer KI6RRN, won the Single Operator High Power (SOHP) category with 417.679 points, and in Multi Op, Richard (W4THI) and Debra (KN4NZH) Lucas, of Jupiter, FL won in Multi Operator Low Power (MOLP), while Ethan (N1SOH) and Jacob (W1FM) Handwerker, of Lexington, MA, continued their winning ways in Multi Operator High Power (MOHP), picking up their fourth win in the category.

State and Province Winners:

CA KI6RRN 417679
DE AC3LZ 5280
FL AA4TI 46980
GA K4VBM 7800
ID KA7T 1428
IL WB9HFK 10725
IN KJ9B 304
IA WI0WA 3212
KS AD0AB 3402
ME AB1EP 134676
MD N3AM 408
MA N1SOH 1462
MI WB8WKQ 20405
MN KA0PQW 2200
MO AD0YM 377
MS KB8VND 9768
MT KJ9C 2673
NE KV0I 67624
NH AC1GF 6804
NJ W2CVW 1325
NY NO2C 3036
NC W1AJT 1470
ND ND0TS 180
OH KD8W 3082
OK K5CM 249000
OR K4XU 117696
PA K3PP 21840
RI W1WBB 20246
SC WN4AFP 15246
TN W4SSF 320
TX KE6C 76502
VT AA1SU 61490
VA W4PM 7076
WV N8II 141493
WI K9GDF 1782
WY WC7S 864

NB VE9OA 3807
ON VE3MV 3150

National winners:

Canada VE9OA 3807
Dominican Republic HI8A 300
Germany DL3DXX 12
Netherlands PA3AAV 6
Slovakia OM2VL 117
Sweden SM2R 12
United States KI6RNN 417679

Maine County Winners:

CBL K1JB 112726
FRA N1DFD 11730
HAN AB1EP 134676
KEN W1AO 48510
OXF K1ESE 9700
WAL N1CGP 3280
YOR K1GJY 60241

Other notes:

Two logging programs were primarily used to submit logs this year. These include N1MM and N3FJP. A handful of entrants used logs designed for other QSO parties, or chose the wrong MEQP log (in-state log for out of state ops or vice versa), so we had to calculate these by hand to generate a score. Please use and submit the appropriate logs, or they will be considered check logs in the future.

Tad Cook, K7RA reported in the K7RA Solar Update that:  "A new sunspot group AR2773 appeared, which has a magnetic signature indicating it’s part of new Solar Cycle 25," on September 23, just prior to the contest period.

On Thursday, September 24, the solar flux was 73.6.

Predicted planetary A index was 15, 12, 25, and 15 on September 25 – 28

The geomagnetic activity forecast for September 25 – October 20, from F.K. Janda, OK1HH:
  • unsettled to active September 25 – 26, 28 – 29, (October 11, 20)
  • active to disturbed (September 27)
  • Solar wind will intensify on September (27 – 28,) 29 – 30, October 1, 13 – 14, (15, 21,) 22
The OK1HH forecast saw active to disturbed conditions on September 27, which matched the NOAA and USAF A index prediction of 25 on that date.

Club Competition

In the club competition, the Southern California Contest Club took the top spot, with 3 log entries totaling 439,558 points. Congratulations! Below is a rundown of the top clubs:

Club Score Number of Logs
Southern California Contest Club 439558 3
Yankee Clipper Contest Club 174103 7
Potomac Valley Radio Club 146218 6
Willamet Valley DX Club 118036 2
Wireless Society of Southern Maine 90896 3
Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont 61490 1
Southeast Contest Club 50688 1
Florida Contest Group 48006 4
Frankford Radio Club 27210 4

Congratulations to all the winners, and we look forward to hearing from you again in 2021!

Click here to download the complete 2020 contest results.


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